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I’m always too busy to get out and shoot skies. This is a great resource to have on file. A must have for any working pro. 

- Harry T

Love the wide selection and subtle skies. I don’t do sky replacements very often, but always struggled to find good skies when I did. 

- Sarah F

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The raw images are 27.5GB in total. They are split in to 8 zip files , each between 3gb – 3.5GB.

The JPGs are an additional 8.5GB, split into 4 zip files 2GB – 2.5GB each.

A Sony A7RII & Canon 5DSR were used for 83% of the images, but some other cameras were used too. You can find a more detailed breakdown below:

  • Sony A7RII @ 42mp = 412 images
  • Canon 5DSR @50mp = 104 images
  • Canon EOS R @ 30mp = 18 images
  • Canon 6D Mk2 @ 26mp = 15 images
  • Canon 6d Mk1 @ 20mp = 68 images (some are panos with higher megapixel count)

Most were shot between 24 – 105mm, but there are a few wider and a few tighter than that.

  • 17mm – 24mm = 68 images
  • 25mm – 50mm = 316 images
  • 51mm – 105mm = 203 images
  • 106mm+ = 31 images

We try to shoot a small series of photos of the same sky in case you have a project where you need to do 5-10 sky replacements. With projects like these you need consistency, but also subtle variation. If you just used 1 sky on 10 images it would be obvious the sky has been replaced.

They are in .dng format. 

Two main reasons.

1. It saves a bit of disc space. 

2. But mainly because there are no side car .xmp files.

All the skies have been lightly processed to ensure the exposure is correct across the image. When the sun is close to the edge of the frame or in the frame, some areas will be over and / or under exposed.

Having the extra .xmp side car file to store the edit information in becomes a bit clunky, increases over all file size and also the risk of the edit date being lost. So .DNG was the optimum choice as all the information is baked into one file.

Yes, full resolution, 300ppi, JPGs are included in addition to the raw files.

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